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Language Specialist

Lori Chinitz joined the ELP as lecturer in September 2004 and became a language specialist in August 2005. Her previous experience includes teaching adults and children in the US and abroad; teaching undergraduates and graduate students in intensive programs and universities; and teaching refugees. Besides the ELP, Ms. Chinitz has taught ESL at Columbia University and at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

At UIUC, her main interest was oral communication, and she became the coordinator of those courses at all levels. She also taught graduate students in the ESL Service Courses at UIUC, focusing mainly on writing short academic essays using multiple sources. At the Soviet Employment Program, she helped refugees from the former Soviet Union prepare for life and work in the US.

One of Ms. Chinitz’ great loves is traveling, and she has visited, studied, and worked in many countries. Her international teaching experience includes time in Slovakia, Ecuador, and Spain. In Slovakia, she taught in a secondary school, and provided extra-curricular conversation classes for students and fellow teachers. In Ecuador, Ms. Chinitz was a faculty member at the Universidad Espíritu Santo in Guayaquil. She also spent four years at Centro Inglés in Segovia, Spain, where she served as Director of Studies in 2002-2003.

She holds a BA in Russian Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and a MATESL from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

Professionally, Ms. Chinitz is most interested in materials development and vocabulary acquisition. However, for her the most rewarding aspect of teaching in the ELP is the contact she has with students, both in class and in ELP activities.