The first three weeks of the IMP curriculum mirror a traditional MBA curriculum and introduce fundamental concepts of business including marketing, leadership, strategy, and management, using case studies from the University of Pennsylvania’s famous Wharton School of Business and other top MBA programs.

The MBA Core course focuses on the topics taught in MBA classrooms and builds skills essential for success in business school including: analyzing, presenting, and writing-up case studies, understanding rapid speech, participating in cross-cultural learning teams, conducting library research, and participating in impromptu speaking activities.

Additional courses like Power Reading and Accurate Speaking focus on improving efficiency and clarity with the comprehension, analysis, production, and communication of new information.  Students learn how to read and write under time pressure, how to budget and prioritize their time under heavy workloads, and how to participate more effectively in discussions.

The fourth week of the program is reserved specifically for those students who are planning to apply to MBA programs in the coming year.  Through a variety of courses, students will improve their self-awareness by developing a 360 degree picture of who they are and what they will contribute to an MBA program.  They will also practice communicating about themselves in both a personal statement and practice interviews, and learn more about different types of MBA programs.

All IMP courses are taught by instructors with experience in business and language instruction. Guest lectures are given by faculty from the Wharton School, other Penn departments and industry executives. Classes are held in Wharton’s state of the art building, Huntsman Hall.

Socio-Cultural Components

Participants have opportunities to meet with leaders of corporations and learn first-hand about the concerns of executives in the rapidly changing global marketplace.  In recent years, corporate visits have included Vanguard Group, Verizon, Rohm & Haas, and QVC. 

Cultural activities include a major league baseball game, social gatherings, and a day trip to Washington D.C.