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Hamdan A.Saudi Arabia

What do you tell friends in your home country about Penn ELP?
There is no better place to learn English language than ELP, whether you want to learn English for academic purposes or for daily life. I encourage all students who want to improve their language to come to ELP. More>

Hamdan A.
Yu Huan (Victoria) C.Taiwan

What did you take away from your experience at the ELP?
"My English is much better and I am more comfortable making friends with people from different countries." More>

Yu Huan (Victoria) C.
Lidia M.Russia

What did you take away from your experience at the ELP? 
"I took away the knowledge of English, acceptance to a US University, a lot of friends and enjoyment of life." More>

Lidia M.
Renata C.Brazil

Why did you choose to come to the ELP?
"I chose to come to the ELP to have the opportunity to study with people from around the world. I thought it would be great to increase my network and also to be close to all the resources available at Penn, like the library." More>

Renata C.
Elena G. & Andrey C.Russia

What did you like most about Philadelphia?
"Philadelphia is very diverse and authentic. Walking on the streets of Philadelphia, you can find beautiful, old streets of the old town with tiny, neat houses adorned with flowers." More>

Andrey & Elena.jpg
Patcharanon (Gib) B.Thailand

What do you tell friends in your home country about the ELP?
"I have learned a lot of things I cannot learn in my home country. It was a great opportunity to meet friends from every corner of the world and learn about their cultures." More>

Patcharanon (Gib) B.
Mario D.Colombia

What did you like most about the ELP?
"The people. Everybody at ELP is always kind and willing to help you, not only with the language, but also with the city, academics and culture issues. Instructors are so professional and I could feel the passion they have for teaching." More>

Mario D
Pierre-Adrien V.France

Why did you attend ELP?
I attended ELP because I needed to improve my English for college. I especially needed to practice my reading and listening. I was looking for English language classes in the US, and ELP fit exactly with my needs. More>

Pierre-Adrien V.