During the Business Intensive Program, participants are required to take 4 elective courses dedicated to speaking, listening, reading, and writing. 

Speaking in the Working World

Participants focus on improving their competencies related to the grammar, vocabulary, and speaking skills necessary for successful day-to-day communication in the workplace.  Different content themes and mini-simulations of spoken interactions such as meetings, negotiations, and persuasive argumentation provide a variety of interesting and relevant contexts in which the participants can practice their skills. 

Target Listening

Students listen to authentic news segments, speeches, documentaries, and advertisements, which improve their ability to comprehend various spoken events.  In addition, students will develop their analytical, critical thinking, reporting, and discussion skills in order to better synthesize and evaluate what they hear.  The course will focus on the following topics: green business, operations management, and emerging technologies.

Breakthrough Reading

Students read extracts from mainstream business books, authentic business texts and well-known periodicals.  In addition, they develop efficient reading strategies and the ability to clearly and concisely summarize and discuss what they have read, using new business vocabulary. 

Professional Writing

Students generate and respond to business correspondence, which may include making plans, confirming sales orders, and dealing with complaints as well as longer assignments such as writing short reports and proposals.  Business formats include emails, memos, business letters, and informal letters.  


Socio-Cultural Components

  • Conversation Partners Program
  • Social Activities and Field Trips organized by Student Center



  • Measurable improvements in English language skills, based on final projects and assessments
  • Increased fluency, accuracy, and confidence with the language of business, as demonstrated in a variety of classroom tasks
  • Greater awareness and understanding of international business topics