The Conversation Partners program matches ELP students with native English speakers for their mutual benefit over the course of an academic semester.  ELP students learn more about American culture, practice English language skills, and gain confidence in communication abilities. It provides Penn students with an opportunity to practice a second-language and serve as a cultural mentor to international students.

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ELP Students: There are many Penn students who are studying your native language and would like to practice that language with you, participate in a cultural exchange or help with tutoring. You should plan on meeting at least 1-2 hours with your partner each week throughout the academic semester.

Penn Native English Speakers: The Conversation Partner program connects American students who study foreign languages with foreign students who study English. It gives both students the opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills in their second language. The language exchange also provides the students an excellent opportunity to learn more about the culture of that country. In addition, the Conversation Partner program is also a great opportunity for Penn students who do not speak a second language, but are seeking volunteer, mentorship, inter-cultural, or tutoring experience. Students will be assigned a partner based on their interests and availability. Penn students are expected to commit at least 1-2 hours with their partner each week throughout the semester.

For more information about the Conversation Partners program, please contact Lucas at or (215) 573-7688.