Program Components

Academic Component

This component typically consists of courses in English as a second language or in US culture and society that take participants into the community to practice their language skills and to learn more about life in the USA. Courses can be offered at any level of proficiency in English, from beginning to advanced. The courses can emphasize all of the basic language skills, or they can focus on particular ones such as oral expression.

When the participants have at least an intermediate level of proficiency in English, the courses may consist of content from a variety of academic specializations. In these courses, the faculty may be drawn from colleges and schools throughout Penn. Sometimes, the faculty will prepare participants for an associated field trip. For example, a faculty member might deliver lectures or conduct workshops on the US legal system, and then will arrange for participants to visit a courtroom trial and meet with the presiding judge.

Courses usually meet daily from Monday through Friday. Participants are typically given assignments or tasks to complete outside of class. The assignments might involve use of the computer or language lab, or interaction with native English speakers.

This component typically consists of field trips and excursions to local and regional sites of interest, especially ones where the participants will have opportunities to interact with Americans and to learn about US history and culture.

Other Possible Features

  • designated coordinator and staff
  • orientation to campus and to Philadelphia
  • university identification cards
  • all instructional materials such as textbooks and course packs
  • use of many campus facilities such as computer labs and libraries
  • entrance to Penn museums and galleries such as the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology and the Institute of Contemporary Art
  • complimentary transportation service on Penn shuttle buses and vans from campus to Center City
  • program evaluations and final report to sponsor
  • welcoming reception and closing ceremony
  • e-mail accounts
  • arrangements for meals and accommodations
  • certificates of completion
  • airport pickup and drop-off