The IMLP Core course focuses on the topics taught in MBA and LLM classrooms, and builds skills essential for success in graduate school including: analyzing and discussing cases, understanding rapid speech, participating in cross-cultural learning teams, contributing effectively in class, and participating in impromptu speaking activities.

For additional courses like Power Reading and Accurate Speaking, students will be grouped according to their program (MBA or LLM).  The courses will focus on improving efficiency and clarity with the comprehension, analysis, production, and communication of new information.  Students learn how to read and write under time pressure, how to budget and prioritize their time under heavy workloads, and how to participate more effectively in discussions.  

All IMLP courses are taught by instructors with knowledge of graduate study in business, international law, and language instruction.  Guest lectures are given by faculty from the Wharton School, Penn Law, other Penn departments and industry executives.  Classes will be held at both Wharton and Penn Law. 

Socio-Cultural Components

Socio-cultural activities complement the program and broaden the students' experience in the U.S. culture. Cultural activities include a major league baseball game, social gatherings, and other local activities.