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6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Gwendolyn DuBois ShawAssociate Professor and Undergraduate Chair, History of Art DepartmentWhat is American Art? World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St.

As we move toward an increasingly pluralistic society in the United States, one in which political and social parity is being achieved by greater segments of society, the idea that works of art should be discussed in separate groups based on a perception of a shared “identity” among the objects’ makers (blacks, women, queers), rather than on the works’ thematic or conceptual affinities, seems increasingly regressive. And yet, such practices persist. Prof. DuBois Shaw's talk will examine the contemporary art historical, curatorial, and critical strategies and tactics for using such markers as race, gender, sexuality, and regional identity to interpret art today.

Expert faculty from the University of Pennsylvania shed light on their research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences at the Penn Lightbulb Café. It's an evening of engaging, stimulating conversation, with a Q&A session following each talk.

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