Interdisciplinary Double Major

French plus any other major outside of Romance Languages: 

The major consists of 12 course units, at least 9 of which are in French Studies above French 200 (up to three courses can be major-related). To declare a major, students should meet with the Undergraduate Coordinator and the Undergraduate Chair, who will approve a course of studies.

Required Courses in French Studies

(a) French 212 or 214, 231 or 232, 226 and 227
(b) Two (2) additional French Studies courses at the 200-or 300-level
(c) Three (3) French Studies courses at the 300-level

Research Requirement

All French Studies majors will be required to complete a research paper of 12-15 pages in French with bibliography and notes. Students can choose to do this in any 300-level course taken at Penn during the senior year, and should consult with the instructor, who will certify that the student has completed the research requirement. One copy of the paper must be submitted to the Undergraduate Chair before the major certification is approved for graduation.