Graduate Division


Matters of Culture and Class

Ph.D. candidate Phoebe Ho and Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng, GR’14, examine whether social class affects immigrants’ involvement in their children’s education.

The Dynamics of Identity

Ph.D. candidate Hajer Al-Faham explores Islamophobia’s effects on Muslim American politics.

The New Salon

Leslie Jones, GR’18, on the intersection of Black feminism and social media.

How We Feed our Food

Ph.D. student Nicole Welk-Joerger on cows, unintended consequences, and deciding what we value.

Welcome to the Graduate Division of Penn's School of Arts and Sciences.

The Graduate Division consists of some 33 graduate programs. Disciplinary strength is at the heart of Penn's excellence in research and graduate training. Equally important, however, is the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration that pervades all of our programs.


  • Seeing Isn’t Believing: Biologists Show How to Shut Off Hunger ‘Alarm System’

    With a new study, researchers have explained the biological mechanism behind hunger-driven highs and lows. While the mere sight or smell of food can temporarily turn off neurons responsible for the drive to eat, they showed that the neurons only stay off if the brain receives a signal from the stomach that calories have been ingested.   

  • Michael Kahana and Team Analyze the Formation of Memories

    A team of neuroscientists has constructed the first whole-brain map of electrical connectivity in the brain based on data from nearly 300 neurosurgical patients with electrodes implanted directly on the brain.

  • Two College Seniors Named Rhodes Scholars

    Two University of Pennsylvania seniors have been awarded Rhodes Scholarships for graduate study at the University of Oxford. Christopher D’Urso, of Colts Neck, N.J., has been awarded an American Rhodes and Adnan Zikri Jaafar, of Malaysia, has been awarded a Malaysian Rhodes.