Graduate Division


The Science of Ethics

Doctoral student Justin Landy studies stressful decision-making scenarios.

Eye in the Sky (VIDEO)

Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World doctoral candidate Lucas Stephens uses an advanced aerial photography system to map an ancient city.

Statutes of Limitation

Sociology graduate student Alexander Jerneck examines the fiscal roots of corporate law.

Monuments and Prostitutes

Doctoral student Meg Andrews studies the slums of Rome.

A Framework for Fighting AIDS

Political science doctoral candidate Matthew Kavanagh argues that patents are counter-productive in developing countries.

Welcome to the Graduate Division of Penn's School of Arts and Sciences.

The Graduate Division consists of some 33 graduate programs. Disciplinary strength is at the heart of Penn's excellence in research and graduate training. Equally important, however, is the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration that pervades all of our programs.


  • Arts and Sciences Appoints Two to Named Chairs

    Dean Steven J. Fluharty has announced the appointments of two faculty members to named chairs in the School of Arts and Sciences.

  • Doctoral Student Takes Ascetic Retreat to Mountains of Japan

    Frank Clements' dissertation, which focuses on the Shugendô religious tradition, recently led him to the mountains of Japan for hands-on research. Shugendô blends esoteric Buddhism, Daoism, and Shinto into a complex tradition of mountain austerities and other related practices.

  • Marija Drndić Helms Interdisciplinary Nanocrystal Research Team

    An interdisciplinary team of researchers led by Marija Drndić, professor of physics and astronomy, has applied a cutting-edge technique for rapid gene sequencing toward measuring other nanoscopic structures. By passing nanoscale spheres and rods through a tiny hole in a membrane, the team was able to measure the electrical properties of those structures’ surfaces.