Graduate Division


Through a Lens Darkly

History of Art doctoral student Iggy Cortez examines nighttime filming.

Historical Brew

Doctoral candidate Omar Foda examines the history of the beer industry in Egypt.

Playground Tactics

Doctoral candidate in history Thomas Brinkerhoff discusses political propaganda in mid-20th-century Argentina.

Read Me a Poem

M.Phil. candidate Chris Mustazza is investigating—and making accessible—a lost archive of poets reading their work.

Blowing Up Proteins

Graduate student Beatrice Markiewicz is using novel techniques to disassemble the amyloid proteins responsible for diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Welcome to the Graduate Division of Penn's School of Arts and Sciences.

The Graduate Division consists of some 33 graduate programs. Disciplinary strength is at the heart of Penn's excellence in research and graduate training. Equally important, however, is the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration that pervades all of our programs.