Graduate Division News

  • Jane Willenbring to Study Soil Metals for Geology and Gardeners

    Support from the National Science Foundation is allowing Jane Willenbring, assistant professor of earth and environmental science, to connect community gardening and the study of metal properties in soil.

  • College Announces Graduation Speakers

    Bill Shore, C’77, founder and CEO of Share Our Strength, and Laura Sorice, C’16, will speak at this year’s graduation ceremony for the University of Pennsylvania College of Arts and Sciences. The event will take place on Sunday, May 15, at 6:30 pm, at Franklin Field.

  • Randall Collins, Renowned Sociologist, Honored With Symposium

    Penn's Sociology Department recently hosted “Social Interaction and Theory: A Conference in Honor of Professor Randall Collins.” Collins, who is retiring, is the Dorothy Swaine Thomas Professor of Sociology and a renowned expert on the sociology of philosophies and intellectuals, social and political conflict, macro patterns of violence, and micro-sociology.

  • Penn Celebrates Opening of the Stephen A. Levin Building: A New Hub for the Neural and Behavioral Sciences

    Amy Gutmann and Steven Fluharty cut the ribbon dedicating the new Stephen A. Levin Building. Photo by Lisa J. Godfrey.

  • Penn Fels Policy Research Initiative Announces Interdisciplinary Grants

    The Fels Policy Research Initiative has announced five inaugural collaborative grants for as much as $15,000 each, designed to further interdisciplinary partnerships. Three of the research projects involve one or more Penn Integrates Knowledge, or PIK, professors, a group of Penn academics committed to working across different disciplinary boundaries.

  • Kathleen Brown Re-thinks Gender and Race in ‘Undoing Slavery’

    In 1981, while teaching “Ages of Man” to 9th graders at an all-girls high school, Kathleen Brown noted the irony. Brown, now a professor of history, says that at the time she felt poorly equipped to redesign the course, which focused on political, military, and economic history from a global perspective.

  • Chemists Lay Groundwork for Countless New, Cleaner Uses of Methane

    A research team led by Daniel J. Mindiola, Presidential Term Professor of Chemistry, has demonstrated the potential to use methane not as a fossil fuel but as a versatile chemical building block with which to make more complex molecules, such as pharmaceuticals and other value-added substances.

  • Cullen Blake Helps to Build Next-generation Planet Finder

    Cullen Blake, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy, is part of a team selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Astrophysics Division to build a $10 million, cutting-edge instrument to detect planets orbiting stars outside our solar system.

  • Al Filreis Wins a Coursera Outstanding Educator Award

    Al Filreis, Kelly Family Professor of English, Director of the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, and Faculty Director of Kelly Writers House, is the recipient of an inaugural Coursera Outstanding Educator Award.

  • Vanessa Ogle Selected for American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship

    Vanessa Ogle, Julie and Martin Franklin Assistant Professor of History, has been selected for a 2016-2017 Fellowship from The American Council of Learned Societies.