Graduate Division News

  • Researchers Find Antarctic Ice Sheet Has Been Frozen for 14 Million Years

    In a new study in Scientific Reports, Penn researchers use an innovative technique to date one of Antarctica’s ancient lake deposits. They found that the deposits have remained frozen for at least the last 14 million years, suggesting that the surrounding region, the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) has likewise remained intact.

  • PEACE in China

    Fox Nanjing Fellows (left to right): Gabe Mickel, Keegan Trainor, Lenny Wainstein, Josh Bramble, Feimei Zeng, Mengya Qiu, Kaitlyn Ugoretz, and Xingchen Liu.

  • OMNIA: Summer on the Circuit

    Penn-in-Cannes Program Inspires Adventurous Scholarship

  • OMNIA: College and the Bottom Line

    Racial Differences in Education’s Impact on Net Worth

  • OMNIA: Rare Earth Separations Made Simple

    By Rebecca Guenard

    The Claw! Descending into a congregate of plush toys, the claw pulls out a single prize and isolates it from the pack. We are all familiar with the popular arcade game; now imagine such a mechanism put to use at the atomic level. Eric Schelter, associate professor of chemistry, has discovered a molecular claw can be handy for separating rare earth metals. 

  • OMNIA: The Compass of the Mind

    Before you set out for your next hike, make sure you bring sturdy boots, ample water, and an understanding of the cognitive underpinnings of your sense of direction.

  • OMNIA: A Reel Life

    by Sacha Adorno
    Photo courtesy of Jean Lee

  • OMNIA: Digital Deluge

    Junhyong Kim and his collaborators pursue innovation in a sea of data.

  • OMNIA: Story of Sustainability

    The Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities bridges disciplines.

  • Chemists Find Biological Molecules That Can Switch "Handedness"

    A new study led by Virgil Percec, the P. Roy Vagelos Professor of Chemistry, has led to the discovery of a class of molecules that can produce a double helix more consistent and more highly ordered than that of DNA, despite being made of a random mix of left- and right-"handed" building blocks.