Graduate Division News

  • Political Science’s Daniel Hopkins Honored With Two Awards

    Daniel J. Hopkins, who joined Penn Arts and Sciences this fall as an associate professor of political science, received two awards during the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA), held September 3-6 in San Francisco.

  • Research Helps Develop Predictive Model of How Humans Estimate Speed

    Psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Texas at Austin have analyzed the steps involved in estimating how fast an object is moving—from light bouncing off the object, passing through the eye’s lens, hitting the retina, and transmitting information to the brain through the optic nerve—in order to build an optimal model.

  • Penn Receives $3M NSF Grant for Research Partnership

    The University of Puerto Rico and University of Pennsylvania have been awarded a $3 million National Science Foundation grant to support their Partnership for Research and Education in Materials.

  • Penn Arts and Sciences Faculty Receive Inaugural China Research and Engagement Fund Awards

    University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann and Provost Vincent Price today announced the first recipients of the Penn China Research and Engagement Fund (CREF) awards. Established in March, CREF will award up to $10 million in the form of matching research grants to Penn faculty to stimulate and support research activity and engagement in China over the next five years.

  • Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies Announces New Cohort of International Fellows

    An international cohort of more than 20 scholars convened on Sept. 9, 2015 at the University of Pennsylvania’s Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies for a year of research on the theme of “Jews Beyond Reason: Exploring Emotion, the Unconscious, and Other Dimensions of Jews’ Inner Lives.”

  • Effects of Incarceration on the Health Care System

    A new study, led by Professor of Sociology Jason Schnittker and published in the September issue of The Milbank Quarterly, finds that states with the highest incarceration rates experience significant declines in overall access to and quality of care.

  • Marie Gottschalk Featured in Q&A on Mass Incarceration

    Professor of Political Science Marie Gottschalk was recently featured in Penn Gazette in an article focused on her research on mass incarceration. Below is an excerpt:

  • Justin Khoury Chases Astrophysicist’s Dark Energy ‘Chameleons’

    A team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California, Berkeley, is investigating whether dark energy is in fact hiding in the form of hypothetical particles. The results of an experiment published in Science narrow the search a thousand times compared to previous tests. Representing Penn is Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy Justin Khoury.

  • Charles Bernstein Awarded Janus Pannonius Prize for Poetry

    Donald T. Regan Professor of English Charles Bernstein has been awarded the 2015 Janus Pannonius Grand Prize for Poetry.

  • Penn Researchers Awarded More Than $1 Million in Kaufman Foundation Awards

    University of Pennsylvania researchers will receive five of the 10 grants being awarded this year by the Charles E. Kaufman Foundation, part of The Pittsburgh Foundation, which supports cutting-edge scientific research in chemistry, biology and physics at institutions across Pennsylvania.