Pedagogy Seminar Series

The Pedagogy Seminar Series is designed specifically for graduate students who want to learn more about teaching courses that focus on or emphasize issues concerning gender and sexuality. Any graduate student is welcome to attend these seminars as long as s/he RSVPs to the event. Pedagogy seminars fulfill requirements for the Graduate Certificate in GSWS. For details, see "Certificate Requirements": 

This seminar series will enable students to learn from our Core GSWS Faculty members about their various approaches to teaching classes on gender and sexuality. Although many graduate students at Penn benefit from pedagogy courses or teaching practicums offered in their home departments and some have even elected to take part in the teaching certificate offered for graduate students through Penn’s Center for Teaching and Learning, we in the GSWS Program have found that these measures are insufficient to prepare graduate students for teaching courses specifically in gender and sexuality studies.

This pedagogy seminar series, which pays attention to the particular challenges and issues that arise in teaching the topics of gender and sexuality, is essential for our Graduate Certificate students in GSWS because it will supply them with the tools and skills necessary to confidently teach undergraduate courses in the fields of gender, sexuality, and women's studies.

Generally speaking, there will be 6 seminars held per year on different topics/elements in teaching GSWS courses, each  1.5 hours in length, held in our seminar room, 3810 Walnut St. 2nd fl., from 12-1:30 p.m. over lunch on Mondays or Fridays.

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