Graduate Research Grants

The Alice Paul Center’s GSWS Graduate Student Research Grants provide competitive grants of $500 designed to support research-related expenses, including (but not limited to) conference registration and travel, research travel, transcription and other materials. The grants cover expenses incurred at any time during the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

The amount and number of grants will change each year, based on the available budget. Receipts are not required for the $500 grants, but a report outlining how the funds were used must be submitted by September 1 of the following grant cycle. The grants are subject to 1099 reporting. All funds will be disbursed by June 30 of each year. 

APC Graduate Student Research Grants are only available to students in the GSWS certificate program.

Funds may be requested for:

  • Travel for research (field research, archives)

  • Registration, travel and other expenses incurred to attend an academic/professional conference

  • Other research related expenses, such as transcription, photocopying, archive-related expenses, etc.

Applications must include: 1) a completed online application form; 2) a 250-word proposal and 3) a budget for how the funds will be spent. Please list all other secured sources of funding for your project, including the amounts and allocations of these funds. Please also note additional funding sources for which you are applying and the amounts of each of these potential lines of support.

 Please direct questions to: Anne Esacove at

Research Support Grant Application

(number of years/requirements completed)

Other Sources of Funding

Please also include those that are pending.

Please attach the following documents: