The Leboy-Davies Award Recipients

May 29, 2011

2017 recipients:

Akudo Ejelonu, Environmental Studies, Dying to Go: Why Access to Toilets Is Not Just Women’s Rights but Women’s Burden

Peter Harvey, Sociology, The Influence of Class on Gender Equality for Children aged 9-11

2016 recipients:

Prakirti Nangia, Political Science, Development, Maternalism, and Women’s Social Citizenship: A Case Study of India, 1985-2015

Hafeeza Anchrum, Nursing, Mercy Douglas Hospital & Nurse Training School, 1948-1960

2015 recipients:

Katie Clonan-Roy, Ph.D. Candidate in School of Education, “Emergent Intimacies: Latina Girls Navigating the Intersections of their Social, Emotional, Sexual, and Academic Lives in the New Latino Diaspora”

Su Kyung Kim, Ph.D. Candidate in Nursing, “Domestic Violence and Women’s Community Activism in a Korean American Community”

2014 recipients:

Sarah Abboud, Ph.D Candidate in Nursing, Understanding Virginity from the Perpectives of Arab Women

Diana Burnett, Ph.D Candidate in Anthropology, Navigating the Impact of Neoliberalism & Nutrition Transition and its Relationship to the Food Marketing Environment on the Consumption Patterns, Lifestyle Practices, and the Health of Black Women in Salvador da Bahia

Brazil Aliya Rao, Ph.D Candidate in Sociology, Islam, Gender, and Sexuality: The Experiences of American Converts to Islam

2013 recipient:

Tugce Ellialti, PhD Candidate in Sociology, Cases of sexual violence in medico-legal institutions and courts in the wake of significant reforms in Turkey

2012 recipients:

Samira Ali, PhD Candidate in Social Work, Reducing and preventing the spread of HIV among female sex workers in India by exploring the new terrain of mother-daughter communication regarding sexual health and risk

Kamila Alexander, PhD Candidate in Nursing, Expanding the scope of sexual safety among the population of Black emerging adult women