Gender in Contemporary America

Are you a macho-man? A tom-boy? A girly-girl? How do you know? This interdisciplinary writing class invites you to think and write critically about how gender operates in your everyday life. We'll start with some basics: What is gender? What do people mean when they say it is socially constructed? When did you learn your first "gender lessons"? We'll go on to examine how writers have approached the issue of gender as well as how it plays out in controversies close to home (e.g. Penn's new gender neutral housing policy). While gender will be our umbrella theme, you'll be given freedom when it comes to selecting specific topics/texts to write about. You'll also be encouraged to view writing as a process, not a product, and as social, not solitary. Revision, peer-review and collaborative workshops will, therefore, be essential components of the course; they'll help us to remember that writing, like gender, is part of every day life and merits ongoing critical attention.

TR 12-1:30


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