Feminist Political Thought

This course is designed to provide an overview of the variety of ideas, approaches, and sub-fields within feminist political thought. Readings are divided into three sections, each representing one of the three major “kinds” of feminist theory that the discipline of Political Science engages in. The first is contemporary feminist theorizing about the meaning and status of “feminism” itself and what is feminism about? What approaches are best? What values and ideas are central to the meaning of the term “woman?” How do race, class, and sexuality intersect with "gender"? Once these terms are introduced, the second section focuses on women in the history of Western political thought; what is the historical basis for the ideas we discussed in Section I? The third section is on feminist approaches to practical political problems and issues, including abortion, domestic violence, cultural difference, and sexual harassment; what can feminist theory contribute to the lived conditions of women’s lives?

TR 10:30-12


  • PSCI-280

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