British Novel of Development

The focus of this course is the classic English novel of education.  We’ll first read Jane Eyre and Great Expectations to see how the pattern of growing up varies by gender. We’ll continue with two massive but marvelous novels, Middlemarch and Vanity Fair, one heroine devoted to the notion of duty, the other to the notion of self. We will not rush through these texts; we’ll take our time and appreciate their intricate structures and passionate intelligence. We’ll also read Tess of the D’urbervilles and Shaw’s play St. Joan, both stories of country girls who can live honestly only by defying the men who seek to control them. Finally, we’ll read Rudyard Kipling’s Kim, and Alice in Wonderland, both written for children but which are even better read in adulthood.

MWF 12-1


  • ENGL-051

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