The course will be a collaborative investigation of some of the most important issues concerning gender and sexuality in East Asia. The region has in common the legacies of Buddhism and Confucianism, as well as a process of rapid modernization and industrialization in the last couple of centuries. They are also bound to each other through cultural ties, colonial experiences, and international trade. The course assumes that when talking about gender and sexuality, confining our perspective to one nation-state often makes little sense. Many issues must be considered within the contexts of historical, cultural, political, and economic exchange. We must also take account of our own location in a classroom in the United States, and question the ways in which our knowledge about the lives of women and men in East Asia is constructed, enabled and constrained. To this end, the course will encourage us to be critical readers of various sources of information: historical materials, scholarly essays, contemporary journalism, fiction, and film.
TR 1030AM-1200PM
  • EALC206401
  • EALC606401
  • GSWS607401

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