This course explores the ways in which the production of medical knowledge, theprovision of health care, and the experiences of health, illness, and bodily changes are gendered and will consider how and why they are gendered in different ways in different parts of the world. The course begins with an introduction to relevant theoretical materials from feminist studies, anthropology, sociology and political economy, on sexuality, the body, and reproduction. Students will then read ethnographic material that analyzes experiences such as sexual maturation, reproduction, eating disorders, aging, and sex work - as well as ordinary encounters with medical systems - as experienced through and with the gendered body in a variety of contexts around the world. Students will have the chance to conduct ethnographic interviews, and will write final research papers that integrate this ethnographic material, along with library material, in the study of a particular gendered medical experience in the U.S. or another region of the world. Note: both men's and women's health issues will be addressed.
TR 0900AM-1030AM
  • HSOC216401

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