The Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies program offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to do coursework and research on a broad range of subjects relating to gender, sexuality, and women. Because issues of gender and sexuality are central to the arts, the sciences, and the social sciences, students can choose from a range of topics in these areas. Our program is innovative and interdisciplinary, embracing a diversity of approaches to the study of gender, sexuality and identity including LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) studies global feminism, and disability studies.

The Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies Program at Penn (GSWS) offers a Major and a Minor for undergraduates and a Graduate Certificate for graduate students.


The GSWS program offers undergraduate Core courses in the field, including Gender and Society (GSWS 002), Introduction to Queer Studies (GSWS 003), the Science of Sex and Sexuality (GSWS 242), and Topics in Global Feminism (GSWS 322). In addition, the GSWS curriculum includes over 50 crosslisted courses, allowing students to study these topics through a variety of disciplines and departments.


There are also a variety of GSWS graduate courses regularly offered across multiple departments.