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Lecturer Thomas Cavanna, Ph.D., was honored this summer with the Prix Jean-Baptiste Duroselle for his doctoral dissertation at Sciences Po, US Foreign Policy towards India and Pakistan in the 1970s. The Jean-Baptiste prize recognizes exceptional works in the study of international relations from French institutions.

The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, directed by Dr. James McGann, has just released its 2012 rankings of the world's think tanks. The debut was marked by presentations at the World Bank and United Nations. These, along with the final report, are located on Dr. McGann's publications page:

The IR Program is proud to congratulate Javier Hernandez, a senior with us, for being awarded the "Eyes on the Prize" award by the Philadelphia chapter of the AFL-CIO. Javier was distinguished for his efforts in social justice and labor rights, embodying the spirit Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. applied to his work. Congratulations, Javier!


Catherine Kipsang, an IR major in her senior year, has recently co-founded a website,, aimed at improving transparency in Kenyan politics by allowing users to post information about the country's government leaders. "It sounds very obvious, probably to an American," Ms. Kipsang reflects, "but in Kenya you don't really have information about your leaders." Adding, "People don't interact with their leaders.

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Dr. Jim McGann, Director of Penn's Think Tanks and Civil Socities Program, and Associate Director of the International Relations Program, was quoted in a Karen Tumulty piece for The Washington Post on Senator Jim DeMint's (R-SC) leaving federal legistature to run the Heritage Foundation. 



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