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Italia. L'invenzione della patria.


Prof. Fabio Finotti's new book, Italia. L'invenzione della patria (Bompiani 2016), is fresh off the press! The book traces the history of the idea of "homeland" in Italy as an extraordinary "cultural invention" that evolved along the centuries from Virgil's notion of it as something to be built (rather than naturally existing), through different imperial, romantic, and fascist incarnations, to the nostalgia of expats in Little Italies

Congratulazioni Marco Lepore!

Marco Lepore has been awarded a SAS Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the 2016-2017 academic year. The award recognizes his outstanding academic record and his impressive plan for dissertation research. Marco is working on the writings and editorial work of Italian author Roberto Bazlen (1902–1965). Congratulations!

Let's Congratulate Vanessa Di Maggio!

Graduate student Vanessa Di Maggio has been admitted to the prestigious 2016 Mellon Summer Institute in Italian Paleography at the Newberry Library. Vanessa will receive intensive training in the accurate reading of handwritten medieval and early modern Italian vernacular texts to apply to her studies of Dante and his contemporaries. Congratulations!

Andrea Gazzoni Penfield Fellow!

Andrea Gazzoni has received a Penfield Dissertation Research Fellowship for the 2016-2017 academic year. Andrea is writing his dissertation on "Trasformazioni dell'epica in Dante, Boccaccio e Petrarca". Congratulations!

New Research posts from the Center for Italian Studies

Check out the Research page of the Italian Studies website. You will find event podcasts, news on current research in Italian Studies at Penn, and materials that you may find useful for your own research or in your teaching.

The Center for Italian Studies

The Center for Italian Studies assists Italian Studies students and others by offering access to a variety of resources. In addition, it fosters the study of Italian language and culture in an interdisciplinary perspective by sponsoring events like lectures, readings by Italian authors, and international conferences across and beyond the traditional spectrum of Italian Studies.

Academic Programs in Italian Studies

The University of Pennsylvania, strong in its interdisciplinary and international dimensions, supports a flourishing Italian Studies Program. The Program's distinctive configuration reflects our setting on the Penn campus and in the heart of Philadelphia. Students can choose a traditional concentration in language and literature or shape more individualized curriculums that connect to sister programs.