Irina Markina, Double Major in Romance Languages (French and Italian), Minor in Art History

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Guido Gozzano: Memory and Innovation

Felice Casorati, Il sogno del melograno
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Repubblica Italiana

The Center for Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania will celebrate the poetry of Guido Gozzano (1883-1916) with an international conference to be held in Philadelphia October 29-30, 2015

29 October 2015 - 30 October 2015

Dante and Music

L'Aquila, San Silvestro, Angelo musicante, photo di M. Jodice

The 750th anniversary of Dante's birth in 1265 will be celebrated by the Center for Italian Studies and the Department of Music at the University of Pennsylvania with an international conference on "Dante and Music" to be held in Philadelphia November 5-6, 2015

5 November 2015 - 6 November 2015

Sicily: Language, Art, and Culture

[event image]

The Center for Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania will host an international conference to celebrate "Sicily: Language, Art, and Culture", 11-12 February 2016

11 February 2016 - 12 February 2016

Helen McFie, Pure Gold!


Helen McFie is pure gold! Besides being a phenomenal Italian instructor and codirector of the Italian Language Program, Helen McFie is a champion rower reaping gold medals the way she reaps golden student evaluations. Her most recent feat is 5x5 (that's 5 gold for 5 races!) representing Vesper Boat Club at the USRowing Masters National Championship, 13-16 August 2015. Congratulazioni!

Mauro Calcagno at the Centre de musique baroque de Versailles

Last July, Mauro Calcagno, Associate Professor of Music and Italian Studies, led the workshop “La parole chantée de Venise à Paris” at the Centre de musique baroque de Versailles, in collaboration with Guillaume Bernardi (York Univ.), and Barbara Nestola (Versailles). The workshop was part of the ongoing project "The Sung Word between Venice and Paris" which included the international conference on Italian librettos The Power of Affections held in November 2014 at the University of Pennsylvania's Kislak Center.

The Center for Italian Studies

The Center for Italian Studies assists Italian Studies students and others by offering access to a variety of resources. In addition, it fosters the study of Italian language and culture in an interdisciplinary perspective by sponsoring events like lectures, readings by Italian authors, and international conferences across and beyond the traditional spectrum of Italian Studies.

Academic Programs in Italian Studies

The University of Pennsylvania, strong in its interdisciplinary and international dimensions, supports a flourishing Italian Studies Program. The Program's distinctive configuration reflects our setting on the Penn campus and in the heart of Philadelphia. Students can choose a traditional concentration in language and literature or shape more individualized curriculums that connect to sister programs.