Irina Markina, Double Major in Romance Languages (French and Italian), Minor in Art History

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Happy Holidays! Buone Feste!


The Fall 2014 semester is drawing to a close and taking the year with it. As we get ready for 2015, we'd like to invite you to follow us also in the coming spring semester. We keep collaborating with institutions and foundations across the globe and working to grow our network of Italians and Italics so that we may keep promoting Italian culture with great events open to the Penn and to the Philadelphia community at large, and reaching far beyond. You can find a record of our past activities on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/italian.at.penn. Join us! 

Penn-in-Venice: Time to Apply!

Carlo Goldoni

Don't miss the opportunity to study the Italian language and culture, history and art history, living and breathing Italian life in one of the most magical cities in the world. Applications to Penn-in-Venice 2015 are now open and can be accessed here. The program, which will run from May 30 to July 11, was created for Penn students but is open also to applicants from other universities. 

Thinking of teaching English abroad? Italian in the US?

If you think you may be interested in pursuing a career in education, and specifically in teaching English as a foreign language around the globe or teaching Italian in the US. We have a deal for you. 

FIGS - The French Italian Graduate Society


Among the many resources that make life at Penn richer and more interesting, the French Italian Graduate Society is a student-run organization that represents graduate students in French and Italian. FIGS plans monthly meetings on topics of shared professional and academic interest, and organizes the annual FIGS Conference. Would you like to join them? Keep informed of their activities? Click here for contacts.

The Center for Italian Studies

The Center for Italian Studies assists Italian Studies students and others by offering access to a variety of resources. In addition, it fosters the study of Italian language and culture in an interdisciplinary perspective by sponsoring events like lectures, readings by Italian authors, and international conferences across and beyond the traditional spectrum of Italian Studies.

Academic Programs in Italian Studies

The University of Pennsylvania, strong in its interdisciplinary and international dimensions, supports a flourishing Italian Studies Program. The Program's distinctive configuration reflects our setting on the Penn campus and in the heart of Philadelphia. Students can choose a traditional concentration in language and literature or shape more individualized curriculums that connect to sister programs.