Office Locations & Office Hours

Name Office Location Office Hours
Kevin Brownlee 548 Williams Hall Spring 2015: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-4:30
Mauro Calcagno Room 328 Music Building
Eva Del Soldato 414 Cohen Hall Spring 2017: TR 12-1pm
Fabio Finotti 551 Williams Hall Spring 2017: M 12-1pm; T 12-1pm and by appointment
Christine Poggi 211 Jaffe Building
David Wallace Fisher-Bennett Hall 315 M/W3:30-4:30
Maddalena Bellavitis Williams Hall 538
Federica Caneparo 538 Williams Hall M 12-1, 4-5 and by appt.
Nicola Di Nino 538 Williams Hall Spring 2015: Wednesdays 10-12, and by appointment
Alain Elkann
Giovanna Faleschini Lerner 538 Williams Hall Fall 2014: Tuesdays 5-6, and by appointment
Hermann Haller
Richard Juliani
Gaetana Marrone Puglia 534 Williams Hall
Alessandra Mirra 209A Fisher Bennett Spring 2017: Monday 2-3 pm and Tuesday 2-3 pm
Elisa Modolo 420 Williams Hall Spring 2017: Tuesday 5pm and Wednesday 2pm
Meredith Ray 417 Williams Hall
Carla Locatelli 538 Williams Hall Fall 2016: Wednesday 1-2pm and by appointment
Marina Della Putta Johnston 550 Williams Hall Fall 2016: Monday 2-4pm, Tuesday 2-4pm
Helen McFie Simone 446 Williams Hall Spring 2017: Monday 1:30-2:30pm; Thursday 2-3pm; and by appointment
Lillyrose Veneziano Broccia 417 Williams Hall Spring 2016: Mondays and Wednesdays 2:00-3:00pm
Victoria E. Kirkham 534 Williams Hall
Anna Mecugni 420 Williams Hall Spring 2015: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5pm-6pm.
Lorella Prichett 420 Williams Hall Spring 2016: Mondays 5-6pm; Wednesdays 5-6pm