The Amici Prize

Amici Prize: Undergraduate Research in Italian Studies

The Amici Prize was established in 1993 by a group of donors to provide an award to an undergraduate student for independent study in Italy, as designated by the director of the Center for Italian Studies.

The Center for Italian Studies at Penn awards the prize yearly for a research project in Italian Studies to be conducted in Italy in conjunction with one of the university's authorized programs for study abroad, or under the supervision of a secondary advisor approved by the Director of the Center.

The awarded sum is $1,000. Applicants can propose a project in any field of Italian Studies with the support of a faculty advisor at Penn. The expectation is that a secondary advisor connected with the particular program in Italy will advise the student abroad, and the Penn advisor will oversee the project as an independent study taken for credit after the student returns to Penn. The research will be considered for publication on the home page of the Center for Italian Studies.

Applications should take the form of a detailed project proposal accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the faculty advisor and be submitted in the form of a MS-Word document to:

Dr. Mauro Calcagno 
Director, Center for Italian Studies

Queries to clarify the suitability of any particular project can be made to the Center for Italian Studies: