Salvatori Research Awards

Faculty and Graduate Student Research

The Center for Italian Studies offers annual research grants endowed by the late Henry Salvatori (EE 23).

These are stipulated for short-term research projects in any area of Italian Studies and are open to all graduate students and standing faculty at Penn. The awards are designed to support planned research with a definite program of endeavor. The Salvatori awards can sponsor supplemental research expenses, incidental publication costs, and travel for research or for significant conference presentations not otherwise funded by the University. As the sum available is finite, the Center aims to distribute the awards for maximum utility: smaller requests are therefore encouraged. In past years an average of six projects have been supported across an array of academic disciplines.

Requests should include a two-page proposal that details the specific purpose(s) of the grant, as well as an estimate of expenses, a program/timetable of study, and an indication of the applicant's level of proficiency in Italian. Applications from graduate students should indicate the connection of the project to dissertation research and should be supplemented by at least one letter of support from a standing faculty member in the most relevant department or program.

Upon completing their research, award winners are requested to present a talk about the activities conducted under the auspices of the Salvatori grant. The talk will be included in the Salvatori Research Papers Series and will be advertised on the CIS website.

Applications should be submitted in the form of a MS-Word document to:
Dr. Mauro Calcagno
Director, Center for Italian Studies

Queries to clarify the suitability of any particular project can be made to the same address.