Study Abroad

All students are encouraged to benefit from the incomparable experience of study abroad. The University of Pennsylvania requires that students participate in a Penn-approved program to receive course credit for such study. Information on study abroad options may be obtained from the Undergraduate Chair in Italian Studies or from Jonathan Hakim (, the Overseas Program Manager for Italy in the Penn Abroad office, located in Suite 1W of International House (3701 Chestnut Street). On return, students should consult with the Undergraduate Chair to determine appropriate course levels for continuing work at Penn.

During the academic year, undergraduates may spend one or two semesters in Bologna, Milan, or Padua, each of which integrates program electives with courses taught at those cities' venerable universities. Rome is an option for students who elect a major/minor concentration in Italian Culture or a minor in Italian Literature.  The popular Penn-in-Venice program [photo of Venice]takes place for six weeks every summer. Designed primarily for undergraduates, it benefits graduate students professionally as an opportunity to teach in Italy, learn the workings of an off-campus program, and pursue independent research or travel.

Students taking courses in a program in Bologna, or Padua, normally in the junior year, may also be awarded credit toward either of the two major concentrations in Italian Studies. A maximum of six courses may be counted towards the major; a maximum of three courses may be counted towards the minor. (Courses taken at Temple in Rome may not count toward the major in Italian Literature.) Any course taken in Italy must be pre-approved by the Undergraduate Chair. Majors are expected to complete 202 before beginning their program abroad. When returning to Penn, students should consult with the Undergraduate Chair to determine what courses they should take to round out their curriculum.

Summer Abroad


[photo of Venice]

Penn-in-Venice is a six-week summer program sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania offers an introductory language course, intensive second-year Italian (Italian 134, which may be used to satisfy the language requirement), an Advanced Italian course, Italian Art History, and a literature or history elective on topics that vary from year to year.

Academic-year Programs

Bologna Consortial Studies Program

This program, sponsored by a Consortium of American universities in which Penn participates, is available for a whole academic year or for a semester of study in either fall or spring. It combines small seminars offered by the Consortium with courses taken at the University of Bologna, the oldest university in Europe (founded 1088).

Boston University Program in Padua

Penn is affiliated with the Boston University Program in Padua, which welcomes applicants for a semester of study (in Italian Language and Italian Studies) in either fall or spring. The curriculum combines Program electives with courses taught by professors at the University of Padua (Università degli Studi di Padova).

Milan: Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi — Wharton Exchange

Wharton Students may by permission obtain Italian Studies credit at this business school program. Enrollment is possible for either a fall or spring semester. Study in Milan is also possible as an Economics Exchange Program

Temple University in Rome

This program is an option for students pursuing a major in Italian Culture and Identity in the World, especially those with an interest in Art History or Classical Studies. Its courses may also be counted toward this minor or the minor in Italian Literature. It is not intended for students majoring in Italian Literature or those who choose the Dual Major in Romance Languages. NOTE: No language courses taken at Temple in Rome are eligible for Penn credit.

Study abroad on the Temple Rome program is limited to those students with distinct, demonstrated, and pre-existing academic interests in Italian studies that will be served by study in that specific location and program. General interest in Europe or in coursework taught in the program is not considered significant enough academic focus to merit approval for the Temple Rome program.

LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome

LUISS Guido Carli is a small private university with high academic ranking located in the heart of Rome. As part of this program, students will be able to count up to 3 classes in the PPE major. Interested students should talk to the PPE department as well.