The Latin American and Latino Studies Program is supported by Penn faculty and staff from a variety of departments.

Assistant Professor of Sociology
228 McNeil Building, 215-898-9980

Edwin B. and Lenore R. Williams Professor of Romance Languages; General Editor, Hispanic Review
541 Williams Hall, 215-898-3065

Assistant Professor of Romance Languages
506 Williams Hall, 215-746-8896

Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, History Department
208C College Hall, 215-898-4576

The Class of 1965 Term Associate Professor of Political Science, Senior Fellow of the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics
237 Stiteler Hall, 215-898-4240

Associate Professor of History
306H College Hall, 215-898-5704

Instructor of Hispanic Studies, Romance Languages Department
406 Williams Hall

Associate Professor of History
306F College Hall, 215-573-9241

Director of the Portuguese Language Program
501 Williams, 215-898-6309

History Lecturer
308E College Hall,

Associate Professor of Practice, Penn Design Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning

Lecturer in Foreign Languages, Spanish Program, Romance Languages Department
405 Williams Hall

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Africana Studies Department

Medical Spanish Courses Coordinator, Advanced Spanish II: Grammar and Composition (212) Coordinator, Penn-in-Buenos Aires Program Director
513 Williams Hall, 215-898-8134

Instructor of Hispanic Studies, Romance Languages Department
505 Williams Hall

Assistant Professor of History
College Hall 313, 215-746-4893

Assistant Professor of English
Fisher-Bennett Hall 241, 215-573-8199

Professor of Music & Africana Studies, Undergraduate Chair of Music

Assistant Professor of Romance Languages
521 Williams Hall, 215-898-6029

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