Admitted Students - Master of Applied Positive Psychology


  1. Accept Offer of Admission
    To accept our offer of admission, just revisit your online application and answer a few short questions. Once you have submitted your enrollment form, we will be able to create a student record for you in the Penn System.
  2. Submit all Final Transcripts
    You will be unable to register for courses until we have received and verified all final official transcripts. Please visit our website to learn more about our transcript policy.
  3. Get PennKey and Password set up
    You will receive your PennKey setup code via email within 5-7 business days of the receipt of your enrollment form. If you have not received a PennKey setup code within that time frame, you should contact If you wish to get it sooner, please allow two business days after submitting your enrollment form before visiting the Registrar’s office. You will need to show a photo ID.
  4. SAS Email Address and Update Directory
    Once you have your PennKey and password, you are required to configure your SAS email account. Your email address will be You must set up how you want your email to be delivered. You can find directions by visiting SAS computing.
  5. Contact Aaron Boczkowski for additional information.
    Master of Applied Positive Psychology: 215-746-0441

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