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The Auditor Program at the University of Pennsylvania invites intellectually curious individuals to audit undergraduate classes in Penn's School of Arts and Sciences. Auditors may take undergraduate courses through the 599 level.  Auditors simply sit in on a course and therefore are not responsible for coursework and do not receive grades or credits. 

There is no application required to audit a course; rather, permission from the instructor must be obtained and submitted along with the Auditor Registration Form.

Please download the Registration Form here.

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Auditors pay the same tuition and fees as students taking a course for credit. Tuition for the course will be determined by whether the course is offered in the daytime through the College of Arts and Sciences or in the evening through the College of Liberal and Professional Studies.  Please refer to the following tuition table on the following web page for pricing:

Courses Available

Please review the College of Liberal and Professional Studies current course guide listed on the following web page to locate a course of interest to you.

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