Domestic Guest Student


Who is eligible to apply to this program?
Applicants must be full time regularly enrolled students at another institution who have completed their freshman year and have at least a 3.3 GPA in prior college level work. Students must have a compelling reason for applying to this program, i.e. the particular course or program of study is not available at their school.
Will all of my courses transfer back to my home school?
Students must have their dean's written permission to participate in this program and to transfer the credits earned at Penn to their home institution.
How long can I take courses at Penn?
If accepted, students may study for one or two semesters.
Can I take courses at Wharton through this program?
Students are able to take courses within the School of Arts and Sciences. No courses in the school of Engineering, Nursing or Wharton are available.
Is Financial Aid Available?
No financial aid is available from the University of Pennsylvania for guest students during their visiting year, students should check with the financial aid office at their home school for more information.

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