MAPP 2007

Iris Bloom
Iris is a writer, massage therapist, self-defense instructor, stress reduction educator, and promoter of somatopsychic vitality -- the feeling of aliveness -- for all beings. She is exploring using mindfulness and other practices to enable abusers to overcome abusiveness and to empower high-conflict couples to de-escalate and rebuild love. She envisions positive psychology not as a building, but as a mandala; creating a future which is happier, fairer, and lower carbon, caring for All Our Relations.

Sarah Campbell Fowler
Sarah is currently working as an organizational development and training consultant in Washington DC. Her professional interests include resilience training and coaching, leadership development, effective communication, and worksite wellness. Sarah often uses a resilience model in her work to help individuals better manage their counterproductive thinking, decrease stress levels, strengthen relationships, and enhance effectiveness. She is currently working with the University of Pennsylvania as a trainer for the Master Resilience Training with the U.S. Army. Prior to her completion of the MAPP program, Sarah earned her BS in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. She is also a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner.

Derrick Carpenter
Derrick is the founder and owner of VIVE Training, a San Francisco based company that trains individuals and organizations on an integrated model of physical, mental, and social fitness. He also works as a positive psychology coach empowering individuals with tools to live their values more directly and trains US Military personnel through Penn's Master Resilience Training. Previously, Derrick managed operations for a leadership training company that served Fortune 500 clients as well as business schools such as Wharton and Columbia. He's researched the learning and ability at psychology labs at Penn, Yale, and Harvard. Derrick has a B.S. in Mathematics from MIT where he fell in love with rowing in the Charles River. He also considers himself an avid international bicycle tourer (11 countries and counting).Derrick's MAPP capstone was an exploration of "connectivity", the idea that interpersonal connection is inarguably at the core of living a good life. He loves connecting with others, particularly around positive psychology topics (go ahead, email him -

Joanne Cavanaugh
Joanne is a New Jersey native and works for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). She holds two degrees from the University of Penn: a BA in Biology and the MAPP degree. Her future plans include becoming a certified coach, bringing positive psychology to children, and combining her knowledge of positive psychology and sales together to make GSK the most positive place to work.

Aren Cohen
Aren's coaching practice, ARC Coaching, works with individuals to help them harness and utilize their strengths. Formerly Vice President of Business Development at FundingPost, Aren has also worked at Scripps Ventures, the Guggenheim Museum, CBS, Inc. and two entrepreneurial companies: Skoodles, Inc. and Concrete Media Construction. She has also been a consultant to numerous start-up businesses. Along with her MAPP, Aren has a BA magna cum laude from Harvard University and an MBA from New York University.

Deborah Cohen
Deborah Cohen, Ed.M, MAPP, taught HS English for eight years and has taught hatha yoga for fourteen. She teaches yoga full time, with extensive teaching, training and speaking in school settings. She has grant money to teach yoga in the Boston public schools this fall and is planning to continue her work with children identified as having special needs. She has collaborated with a colleague to create the BeYoga teacher training and manual to train others to teach yoga to children grade K-12 and she continues to offer the Yoga Alliance registered 200-hr hatha yoga teacher training, which she has offered since 2002. In addition, she teaches yoga with a research team at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and an independent researcher, Naomi Steiner, MD, who specializes in studying children with special needs. See for further information.

Anthony DeLuca
Anthony owns one of the most successful consumer bankruptcy firms in the State of Nevada and is a legal consultant for Fox 5 television in Las Vegas where he appears weekly on their news program. He is also the host of his own radio talk show on KDWN AM 720. Anthony received his BA from the University of Scranton, JD from Temple Law School, and Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Amy Donovan
Amy is the blogger behind, a cooking, entertaining, and lifestyle blog, a role which has proven incredibly rewarding and engaging for her. Amy also serves as the Tennessee coordinator for Cultural Care Au Pair, the country’s largest au pair agency, and is fascinated by the positive psychology of cultural exchange. Prior to MAPP, Amy received her undergraduate degree in Spanish and Art History from Vanderbilt University. She looks forward to continuing to promote and support the extensive benefits of amazing food, meaningful personal connections, and powerful cultural exchange.

John A. “Sean” Doyle, Jr.
Sean is a poet, lawyer and consultant. In his law practice, Sean specializes in high conflict negotiations and has assisted clients in navigating thousands of disputes. He also has secured asylum for torture victims, defended individual’s privacy rights and lobbied for stronger child protection laws. Sean works with law firms on leadership development and with individual lawyers on how they want to live their lives, and in finding meaning in life and work.

Christine Duvivier
Christine Duvivier challenges the notion that young adults who are not top performers have something wrong with them and are ill positioned for future success. In its place, she offers a new model based on her work in positive change–a model that holds a young person’s well-being at its core. Instead of chasing grades and results on standardized tests, Christine’s vision affirms that every young adult is gifted and free to develop and showcase his/her innate talents in school and career. Business leaders, communities, educators, parents, professionals and students are inspired by Christine’s work. Her workshops, seminars, and mentoring offer practical strategies and inspire new possibilities that lead to success and a lifetime of happiness.

Helene Finizio
Helene Finizio runs a private practice in executive life coaching based out of Manhattan. She is on the advisory board for seven non-profit organizations in various industries, and sits on the board of two for-profit organizations focused on triple-bottom-line approaches to global service. She is acting as a positive psychology and meditation consultant to a variety of companies. Helene is presenting speeches, seminars and workshops for organizations all over the nation, and is developing a variety of products to allow easy access to her teachings. Additionally, Helene is a volunteer producer for art events in the greater NYC area.

Karen A. Garman
Karen Garman, Ed.D, MAPP, is a professional medical educator and professor of healthcare administration with 30 years of experience in the delivery of training and development programs for public and private healthcare organizations. As associate clinical professor in the Center of Applied Research in Education (CARE) at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and lead faculty for the Masters in Healthcare Administration at National University, she teaches healthcare providers how to deliver healthcare effectively in multiple healthcare settings, and uses positive psychology to coach physicians on how to become more successful in their clinical relationships with patients and staff. Her research is in the development of positive affect and strengths in healthcare providers including medical students and faculty using positive feedback in medical education.

Deb Giffen
Deb Giffen is Director of Innovative Learning Solutions for Wharton Executive Education at the University of Pennsylvania. As the lead program designer, she works with Wharton's global clients to create highly-customized programs that not only build advanced leadership skills but also accelerate the achievement of the companies' top strategic priorities. She designed and oversees Wharton Executive Education's Centers of Excellence, a set of ten collaborative teams with the mission of delivering leading edge practices in positive leadership, action learning, virtual learning, collaborative teamwork and a wide range of other learning options. She is a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF), a graduate of Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching Program, and maintains a small private coaching practice. Deb has served on the board of Coaches Certification Institute, designed and led coach training programs and enjoys bringing a positive, strengths-based focus to all her endeavors.

Yasmin Headley
Yasmin is a trained and accredited psychotherapist and coach living and working in London. She holds a number of degrees and certifications including an MA, Dip HG, Ad Dip, MAPP and UKCP. She has a particular interest in positive psychology and its use in Psychotherapy and coaching. Contact:

Ted Hubbard
Ted is the Director of Behavioral Services at Support, Inc., where he has worked with developmentally disabled adults for 17 years. He writes intervention plans and trains people in positive behavior supports. He is establishing a new department that will disseminate facets of applied positive psychology such as appreciative inquiry and life coaching. He lives in Superior, Colorado.

Richard Le
Richard is working on becoming a certified coach and facilitator for employees who are transitioning into new careers. His interest in positive psychology started with his reading of Martin Seligman's "Learned Optimism." He is looking to apply what he has learned to the business environment, specifically with development of a resilience and strength program

Sandra Lewis
Utilizing over 20 years of leadership and organizational development, Sandy is passionate about educating businesses and individuals in the tenets of positive psychology; employing the power of positive emotion and strengths to change organizations and individuals through appreciative methods. Sandy is currently working in Chapel Hill, NC as the VP of Human Resources at a mid-stage biotech start up and teaching at the college level. She is a past president of the MAPP Alumni Association. Contact:

Rob Mack
Rob is the bestselling author of "Happiness From the Inside Out." He travels the world - as a speaker and coach - teaching people how to live more joyful lives. He received his Bachelors of Psychology from Swarthmore College and his Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Rob has consulted with - and worked as a spokesperson for - Microsoft, Carnival Cruise Lines, and various others. He has been featured by Oprah, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and so on. Prior to his present career, Rob worked as a corporate consultant for five years and then as a professional model and actor for nearly a decade. He currently lives in Miami. You can find out more about him at, and you can contact him by writing to

Morgan McCarthy
Living and working in New York, Morgan is currently a Sales trainer at Google – and her work is as much fun as one can imagine. She loves all forms of communications, loves to be inspired and fill her life with people who share similar interests.

Carmella Miller
Carmella’s career includes fifteen years of experience in human resources and business management. She currently oversees all aspects of human resources as the Human Resources Director for a global clinical service organization providing medical image management services for clinical trials. In addition to MAPP, she holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Arcadia University and a professional certification in Human Resources. Carmella’s key interest lies in applying the methods of Appreciative Inquiry to facilitate positive and productive change in organizations.

Elizabeth Peterson
Elizabeth is a research assistant and consultant for Aspirant, a firm that uses positive psychology research to enhance executive leadership and foster culture change at Fortune 500 companies. She also works as an educational consultant for schools interested in introducing positive psychology into their curriculum. She is currently applying to psychology Ph.D. programs, where she hopes to conduct research on the mechanisms that foster adolescent well-being. Prior to MAPP, Elizabeth received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University.

Leslie Pitner
Leslie is an orthodontist in private practice in South Carolina. Wearing braces takes self-efficacy, hope and an optimistic view of the future; traits she hopes to teach patients with her MAPP degree. Currently, Leslie is working on a book and wants to bring the principles of positive psychology to the field of dentistry and health care through teaching and consulting.

Radhika Punshi
As a Human Resources professional, Radhika has a penchant to establish workplaces of meaning and engagement. She is currently working with Hewitt Dubai and consults with clients in the Middle East on HR Best Practices. Radhika holds two Master’s degrees (MAPP, and an MA in Applied Psychology from India), as well as a BA in Psychology. She is passionate about disseminating positive psychology globally and supports the newly formed International Positive Psychology Association as part of the Board of Directors.

Gregory Quinting
With a doctorate in chemistry and specialty in magnetic resonance, Greg’s science and technology background are the foundation for his present interest and work in innovative organizational leadership. Diversions such as screenwriting taught Greg that his passion is in drawing upon recent advances in positive psychology to help build quality of life for scientists in the workplace and to broaden that which he learns through those endeavors to help improve quality of life overall.

Lola Rokni
Lola spent around 13 years in software companies as a software engineer and group leader in various departments and positions. She gradually became more interested in finding ways to help people fulfill their potential. To that end she also studied mediation and management. She is currently seeking employment that will take advantage of her varied experience in software companies, her positive psychology education and her enthusiasm to improve well-being of people in workplaces as well as business productivity.

Marie-Josée Salvas Shaar
Marie-Josée Shaar wants to reverse the current epidemics in sleep deprivation, obesity, depression and physical inactivity. After a first career in the fast-paced corporate world, she founded Smarts and Stamina ( to help others adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles. Through research, coaching and teaching, she developed a model that is highly customizable, effective, and that limits the amount of self-discipline needed to achieve success. She speaks on the topics of energy and stress management, productivity, as well as sleep, food, mood, and exercise habits. Her clients, colleagues and training participants find that her joyful energy brings out their own strengths and positivity. Her book co-written with Kathryn Britton, MAPP, is titled Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Optimal Health and Performance, offers 50 avenues to health improvement.

Gail Schneider
Gail found the MAPP program after a brief stint as an attorney in a large New York City law firm and a 20 year career in banking. She left her job as an Executive Vice-President at JPMorgan Chase in search of a path that would use her strengths and experience to create greater meaning in her life and help others do the same. She is currently writing a book about her life in corporate America and the journey of self-discovery that followed her leaving. She is also designing workshops incorporating positive psychology principles for individuals in mid-life who are navigating career and other important transitions.

Julie Snyder
Julie is the Principal of Leadership Beyond Limits, LLC, a coaching and consulting company focused on building positive business cultures. She offers 23 years of human resources and cultural transformation experience from three industries: retail, manufacturing and healthcare. She has worked in small and large organizations facilitating change from project work to mergers, acquisitions and system-wide cultural transformation. Her focus is on bringing the most current research on maximizing human potential to leaders and organizations: Contact:

Stig Soloy
Stig is currently director of Soløy Eiendomsselskap AS which is a property development / management company in Oslo, Norway. Stig has a broad base of experience from the construction business, finance, and property development business. He holds an MSc in engineering and business administration from NTH, an MSc in economy and business administration from NHH, a BA of Psychology from UIO, and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from Penn. In the future he plans to divide his professional attention between property and financial investments, and on developing a center for leadership and human flourishing to serve the Scandinavian market. Contact:

Bob Szybist
An elementary educator and the founding director of an environmental education summer camp, Bob has taught students from grades K-12 both in the US and the UK. Bob has been developing innovative educational and mentoring programs for K-8 students in both the private and public sector since 1999. Bob also regularly conducts teacher development trainings and educator workshops with schools and non-profit organizations. In his current capacity of Director of Program Development, Bob develops and oversees programming for the Community Education Alliance of West Philadelphia.

Tan Yee Ming
Based in Hong Kong, Yee-Ming has her own executive coaching practice working with multinational clients throughout Asia. She is a happiness mentor to many of the executives she works with through her mindset and coaching workshops. Her book, Start Your Own Ripple Effect became a bestseller and she also publishes a series of inspirational coaching tools under the brand Ripple Cards. (

Joanna Thompson
British stockbroker Joanna Thompson enjoys the psychology of markets. She is a mentor and qualified Life Coach whose hunger for greater breadth and an academic underpinning led her to the MAPP program. Joanna, together with Julie Snyder, developed a Transformational Leadership Workshop as a Capstone project and she is committed to introducing positive psychology in the city.

Kaori Uno
Kaori Uno ’07 is currently a visiting scholar at the Positive Psychology Center and has been working with important information resources on positive psychology in an effort to make them widely available to a Japanese audience. Some of her past achievements include the development and completion of the Japanese version of the Authentic Happiness website (which will be up and operating soon) and of the Japanese translation of Christopher Peterson’s A Primer in Positive Psychology (forthcoming Spring 2010). Kaori also co-founded the association in Tokyo which she hopes to use as a platform in which to disseminate information about positive psychology especially to a non-academic audience. From Winter 2009 she will be serving as a lecturer at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy.

Jason Zellner
After graduating from Berkeley in 2002 with a degree in History, Jason enrolled in post-baccalaureate psychology courses and quickly developed an interest in positive psychology, long before he knew that this field even had a name. In the last few years, Jason has worked at a five-star restaurant and a boutique management consulting firm, as well as a few part-time jobs. In August of ’07, Jason embarked on a tri-country bicycle tour to raise funds for the MAPP alumni scholarship program. In the future, he hopes to contribute to both the research and the application of positive psychology.

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya
Emiliya is the founder of Flourish, an organization using scientifically proven approaches to inspire and empower people all over the world through her coaching, teaching, healing, speaking and writing. She uses an integrative system for helping people achieve more well-being that takes into account the mental, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual elements of a human being. Emiliya holds additional certification in yoga and several other modalities. She is the success coach for the National Society of Leadership and Success and monthly contributing author for Positive Psychology News Daily, along with other online publications. She is based in the heart of New York City. Visit to learn more about her work, or contact her at

Karen Zong
Karen holds an undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature, an MBA, and a Master of Organization Psychology. Karen has worked for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, PDI in the US and China, and, more recently, Wal-Mart Global Procurement as Overseas People Director. In 2007 Karen started working for Microsoft leading talent management and leadership development in the Great China region. Karen is committed to promoting and spreading positive psychology within organizations in Asia.

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