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Jorge Agarez Medeiros

Patrícia Carlos de Andrade

Pete Berridge
Positive Psychology and the MAPP program have enriched my coaching practice. My capstone was entitled, “From Coach to Positive Psychology Coach” and combines three areas of focus: cognitive-behavioral solution focused coaching, visual learning, and positive emotions (creating a positive micro-culture in the coaching session itself) in order to increase effectiveness of the coaching session. I also enjoy utilizing positive employee engagement surveys, Appreciative Inquiry, and visual strategic planning in creating more effective teams and organizations. By background, I live in Minneapolis and have an executive coaching practice, Shorebird Coaching & Consulting ( I’m a certified coach through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara with 20+ years of coaching and Human Resources experience, culminating as executive VP of Human Resources at Courage Center, a nationally respected nonprofit serving the needs of people with disabilities.

Brianna Booth
Brianna Booth works at the intersection of positive psychology and human sexuality, currently developing a conceptual space within positive psychology to incorporate sexuality as a dimension of the whole human being, integral to human flourishing. Originally from Yakima, WA, she received her BA in Psychology from Whitman College with an honors thesis on how social institutions shape Americans’ relationship with the natural world. Brianna also studied Sexuality, Culture, & Society at the University of Amsterdam, and earned a M.Ed. in Human Sexuality at Widener University. She is currently an assistant instructor in the MAPP program. Brianna has taught human sexuality to 5th graders, pregnant-and-parenting teens, therapists, medical students, undergraduates, and MAPP students. She also works as a writer and program developer for a personal and professional development program, HeartSpark, based in Portland, OR. Other topics sure to perk her ears include human relationships to food, wildness, sustainability, community, cross-cultural insight, meaning-making, and the body.

Natalie Brain

Michael Bready

Julie Butler

Diana Caramanico

Ellen Cole
Ellen Cole, a psychologist, graduated from MAPP in August, 2011. Prior to that she spent 15 years at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage as director of the Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program. She was honored by being named Professor of Psychology Emerita when she moved in May, 2010 from Alaska to Albany, NY. Before Alaska, Ellen held similar academic positions at Prescott College in Arizona and Goddard College in Vermont. Her specialties have been the psychology of women and gender and human sexuality. She studied with Masters and Johnson in the 1970's and 80's and is an AASECT-certified Sex Therapist Diplomate. She is a former editor of the journal Women & Therapy, author and editor of a variety of publications, and past-president of both the Alaska Psychological Association and the Society for the Psychology of Women, a division of the American Psychological Association. Her BA is from Boston University, first master's degree from Harvard University, and PhD from Union Institute and University. She currently teaches Positive Psychology at three different institutions-to doctoral, college, and high school students (the first two are a piece of cake, but she enjoys them all). Via a blog and facilitating conversation groups in various parts of the U.S., Ellen is also continuing the work begun in her Capstone, "70 Candles: Women Thriving in their Eighth Decade."

Jamie Comfort

James DiDio

Geraldine Dougherty

Johannes Eichstaedt

Michelle Engstrom

Dan Faggella
Dan still competes nationally in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is focusing on continuing to build his recently expanded Mixed Martial Arts facility in Wakefield, RI. With a focus on leveraging his passion for goal setting and skill acquisition, Dan writes for a number of combat sports magazines and speaks at MMA gyms and colleges on the East Coast. His future plans involve high level consulting with the best combat sport athletes in the world, revolutionizing the effectiveness of combat sport training, and leveraging notoriety to market further information products - which will eventually be angled toward the business world (particularly sales). Dan plans to have a helicopter by age 30.

Michelle Gielan

Cathrine Gyldensted
I just graduated from MAPP 6 with an unrelenting goal to innovate news journalism and build thriving newsrooms through the precise methods of Positive Psychology research & positive interventions. My capstone was about how to do this. To substantiate my thesis, I also conducted research on the emotional impact from news stories for my capstone. We tested 6 versions of the same news story. 2 with negative valence, 4 with positive valence. A strong finding was how people´s mood plummeted by the negative versions. Morover, the sample found the positive versions to be valid and thrust-worthy. The hero narrative got most positive feedback. I am currently working on spreading the word from this study and the concrete methods on how to build news journalism. Any contacts or concrete ideas on how make this happen are more than welcome! I have 12 years experience as a TV & Radio correspondent, published author, executive producer & investigative reporter. I just moved back to Europe after 4 years based out of Washington DC. Looking forward to connect with old and new MAPPsters!

Marsha Huber

Renee Jain

Angel Jones
As a former Navy NCO and the wife of an Army Reserve officer, Angel Jones takes pride in serving the military community. She is a clinical interviewer and research associate at the Uniformed Services University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress. She works closely with active duty Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to gain a better understanding of psychological health and resilience. Previously, Angel was the child forensic interview specialist at the National Children’s Advocacy Center. Through her MAPP capstone, Angel proposed a positive psychology intervention model to facilitate resilience in non-offending caregivers following a disclosure of child sexual abuse within the family. Angel currently lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Jeff. She is the mother of two adult children, both of whom have committed their scientific careers to serving those who serve in the United States Armed Forces.

Mac Kelly
Mac is a 2011 graduate of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology Program (MAPP) at the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Kenyon College (Gambier, Ohio). Mac is primarily interested is the intersection of positive psychology and clinical psychology. He seeks to understand the best ways to apply positive psychology topics such as hope, optimism, mindfulness, and humor to treatment for clinical populations, exploring their feasibility, appropriateness, optimal delivery sequence, and “fit” for particular psychopathologies. Mac plans to apply to PhD Programs in Clinical Psychology this fall.

Matt Knox
Matt is from St. Clairsville, Ohio and is an Infantry officer in the United States Army. Currently, he is assigned as the Special Assistant to the Commandant for Honor at West Point. Matt served as a Rifle Platoon Leader and Company Executive Officer in the 10th Mountain Division on Fort Drum, New York. Following that, he served as a Platoon Trainer and Company Commander at the Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course (IBOLC) on Fort Benning, Georgia. In addition to MAPP, Matt has a B.S in Civil Engineering from the United States Military Academy and an MA in Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. Matt is married to the former Stephanie Mayhugh from Yorkville, Ohio and they have two children, Blake (4) and Madison (2).

Conrad Macalalad

Helene Moore
Helene was born and raised in Scranton, PA. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Loyola College in Baltimore, MD, Helene moved to California to pursue her graduate studies. She earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Health from the California School of Professional Psychology – Los Angeles. Helene moved to New York City to complete her predoctoral internship at Long Island Jewish Medical Center – Hillside Hospital as well as her postdoctoral internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Shortly thereafter, she relocated to Frankfurt, Germany where she worked at the University of Frankfurt’s Outpatient Behavioral Clinic. Currently Helene resides in Chicago with her husband, Wayne and daughter, Siena. She is an assistant professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine where she conducts seminars on Positive Psychology for the psychology interns and fellows. Additionally, Helene maintains a clinical practice at Northwestern Integrative Medicine.

Sara Oliveri

Rosanne Pagano

Janeen Pesiridis

Zack Prager

Stephanie Ramones
Stephanie Ramones currently works as a psychology researcher investigating methods of measuring well-being through unobtrusive means such as social media. Her MAPP capstone project compared various theories of well-being from positive psychology and personal development guru Anthony Robbins and proposed future directions for studying self-help theories and interventions. Stephanie received her BA with distinction in psychology and a minor in philosophy from Boston University. Her senior distinction project focused on sources and mediators of depressive symptoms as expressed through autobiographical and projective narratives of Latina and African American women at risk or diagnosed with HIV.
In addition, Stephanie is also a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistics Programming and hypnotherapy. She also has written personal growth and wellness columns for various blogs and publications including the Daily Free Press, Boston University’s independent newspaper and The Next Great Generation, a popular blog targeting the Millennial generation. Stephanie ultimately aims to attain a PhD in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on positive psychology and cross-cultural psychology. In her spare time Stephanie can be found out running, teaching fitness classes, and dancing Salsa.

Carly Robinson

Carin Rockind
Coach, consultant and educator, Carin Rockind, MAPP, inspires people to live to their full potential. Founder of CLeaR, Carin merges positive psychology with communications to help people thrive and organizations succeed. Her career coaching modules empower professionals to uncover their calling. Her strength-based training increases employee engagement and team productivity. She is authoring a book about finding one’s purpose and she is the Positive Psychology editor for Felicity magazine. Carin is also an instructor of Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, a SOMO Leadership facilitator and a seasoned motivational speaker on optimism, leveraging natural talents, employee flourishing and women’s success. Carin brings more than 15 years of experience to clients. She led communications for Alcoa's global wheel division and business development marketing for Greater Cleveland. Carin received her Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, her Bachelors degree in Communications and English from the University of Michigan, and Gestalt training certification. She is a marathon runner, writer, traveler, cook and painter, and lives in New York. For more information, visit

Melissa Schnapp
Melissa is a Positive Life Coach and has been educating and inspiring individuals for over 20 years. Melissa’s knowledge and expertise in the area of positive psychology along with her natural enthusiasm combine in her wonderful ability to connect with women of all ages. She offers dynamic large group presentations as well as individually helping women define and create their best lives. Melissa earned her M.Ed. from The Bank Street College of Education in New York City, and her CPEC from the College of Executive Coaching in Santa Barbara, CA. Melissa received her Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit

Nicholas White

Sha-En Yeo
Sha-En is the founder of Positive Education (, a Singapore-based company that seeks to spread the knowledge and skills of positive psychology to parents and teachers, enabling them to raise flourishing children. Through training workshops, talks, seminars and coaching, she aims to reach out to parents and educators who believe in the strengths-based approach to education. A former educator, she is passionate about educating the next generation and believes strongly that parents, teachers and the community need to work in cohesion to ensure that the children can flourish. Aside from the education sector, Sha-En is also interested in reaching out to professionals in transition, helping them craft their jobs from one that is 'good' to one that is 'great' and helping them discover the passion and meaning in the work they do. Sha-En also teaches Positive psychology to professionals from all walks of life and is currently adjunct lecturer at two institutions in Singapore. Finally, as a proud parent of 2.5year old Sherrie, she hopes to write a book that can help parents walk in their children's shoes and rediscover their inner positive parent. Email her at

Corey Zadik

Carin Zinter

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