The Application of Positive Psychology to Parenting

Wais, Susan
MAPP Capstone Project
Judy Saltzberg
August 6, 2009

Parenting is a formidable task for which most parents feel poorly equipped. Positive psychology is replete with concepts that offer parents tools that would potentially make them better prepared to raise their children. For example, a parent’s main task is to help her children flourish; positive psychology offers a panoply of concepts which promote flourishing. Parents would then benefit from instruction in the relevant concepts and methods of positive psychology. I have developed a workshop focused on teaching real-life applications of positive psychology to parenting. The workshop consists of six sessions, once a week, for an hour to an hour and a half. Each session has the same basic structure: a mini-lecture on a specific topic, a discussion, an exercise, and a final discussion session. In addition to an introductory session, the topics covered are two sessions on character strengths - one for parents, one for children - praise, increasing attention to positive events, grit and a closing session.

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