Callings at Work: A Workshop to Cultivate Your Life’s Work

Hogan, Jennifer
MAPP Capstone Project
Judy Saltzberg
August 1, 2010

Aristotle compares us to archers who need a purpose towards which to aim (Haidt, 2006). The goal of this capstone is to design a workshop to encourage individuals seeking their calling, drawing from positive psychology and other research. Individuals who find their work meaningful, fulfilling and believe that it makes a positive impact on others may see it as their calling (Wrzesniewski, McCauley, Rozin, & Schwartz, 1997). This workshop, Callings at Work, is designed to engage individuals in tapping into their purpose and finding their calling by uncovering what they may already know, overcoming obstacles, and determining those first steps towards their goals. The final deliverable will include a workshop proposal and outline, which can be implemented in the future, and a supporting paper outlining the theory behind the components of the training.

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