Positive Psychology and the Media

Tandon, Prakriti
MAPP Capstone Project
Christopher Peterson
August 1, 2010

This Capstone makes an argument for a distinct field of Positive Media. The media is a necessary and vital vehicle for the cultivation and dissemination of positive psychology, and there is a pressing need for synergy among and a reformulation of current positive media efforts. Further, the damaging effects of negative imagery and media are widely cited in the research, further strengthening the case for more positive media. This paper argues that positive media and imagery is necessary, given both the harmful effects of negative media on our psyche and the rationale behind getting closer to a more optimal ratio of positive to negative imagery; emphasizes the need for instilling such positive media and imagery into young minds for optimal benefit; and proposes a positive media television show based on positive psychology fundamentals and existing programming of a similar nature.

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