Positive Psychology Classes, Courses and Curriculum

Students are required to complete nine positive psychology course units during a single calendar year of full-time study. These course units are the same for all students, with four courses occurring in the Fall, four courses in the Spring, and one (the Capstone course) in the Summer. Students finish the positive psychology training program in a single calendar year, enrolling full-time in consecutive Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

All students take the same positive psychology classes throughout the program.

Introduction to Positive Psychology (Seligman)

An introduction to the research, theory, and intellectual history of positive psychology.

Research Methods and Evaluation (Duckworth)

A methodology course exploring the valid and reliable assessment of positive emotions, character strengths, and meaning in life.

Foundations of Positive Interventions (Pawelski)

An investigation into the theoretical, empirical, and experiential nature of positive interventions.

Approaches to the Good Life (Bloom, Haidt, Rozin, Saarinen, Schwartz)

An examination of four perspectives on human flourishing.

Applied Positive Interventions (Gillham)

A service-learning course in which students study the applied work of master positive psychology practitioners and create positive psychology applications for non-profit organizations.

Positive Psychology and Individuals (Reivich, Saltzberg)

An exploration of positive psychology applications in coaching, clinical and other relational settings.

Positive Psychology and Organizations (Cooperrider, Dutton, Grant, Rath, Wrzesniewski)

An exploration of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, and positive organizational scholarship in traditional and social business settings.

Humanities and Human Flourishing (Pawelski)

An exploration of integrating culture and science to support the deeper understanding and more effective cultivation of human flourishing.


An independent project that integrates what the student has learned in the MAPP program and advances the application of positive psychology. This course is taken in the Summer semester and has no on-site course requirements.  Click here to read some recent Capstone abstracts.

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