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MES in the Community

  • “Water is elemental to our continued existence,” shares Brian Byrnes (Master of Environmental Studies, ’04), “it is the most important shared resource that we have and everyone needs and deserves clean water.

  • When Bob Wells (Master of Environmental Studies ’13) talks about the White Oak, it’s like listening to an artist talk about his muse, “It’s the most beautiful tree there is on the eastern seaboard.” As the Arboriculture Director at Morris Arboretum, Bob admits, “people get very emotionally involved with their trees.”

Penn and the Environment

Program Resources

Penn has many policies and projects in place to better the environment.

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MES Information Session

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Meet Program Director Yvette Bordeaux as she presents details about the Master of Environmental Studies program.

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Cheers to 20 Years!

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Penn’s Master of Environmental Studies program is commemorating its 20th anniversary.

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