Resource Management


Students learn about conservation and land planning from the experts in the classroom and on field trips such as this one.

This concentration prepares students to work in habitat restoration, land conservation, and wildlife management. For these students, the distinction between foundation and concentration courses is not as clear-cut. Students use nine courses to develop a curriculum that combines science (e.g., ecology, geology, chemistry) with policy (e.g., law and planning) and field techniques. They are required to take at least one field course and to do a field-based Capstone exercise. Graduates work in land and wildlife management positions.

Student Research

Courses from the MES program

  • ENVS 541 - Modeling Geographic Objects
  • ENVS 604 - Conservation and Land Management
  • ENVS 645 - Planning for Land Preservation
  • ENVS 681 - Modeling Geographic Space

Typical Courses from Other Schools at Penn

School of Arts & Sciences

  • BIOL 465 - Ecological Techniques in Conservation

School of Design

  • CPLN 585 - Land Use Planning
  • CPLN 655 - Land Use and Transportation Planning
  • CPLN 671 - Sustainable Development in Cities and Regions
  • CPLN 675 - Green Development
  • CPLN 725 - Innovations in Growth Management
  • CPLN 766 - Land Conservation Finance
  • LARP 760 - Topics in Ecological Design

Fels Institute of Government

  • GAFL 521 - Fundraising for Nonprofits
  • GAFL 749 - Leading Nonprofit Organizations

Wharton School

  • LGST 806 - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Law School

  • LAW 686 - Natural Resource Law

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