How long does the MES admissions process take? / When will I receive a decision?
The MES program has rolling admissions. Once your application is complete, it will be sent to the department for consideration. Time to decision varies based on the availability of the admissions committee but you may generally expect to receive a decision within 3 to 4 weeks of completing your application.
Do I need to submit a GRE score with my MES application?
MES applicants who received their undergraduate degree 5 or more years ago and currently work in the environmental field as an environmental professional do not need to submit GRE scores with their application. The GRE requirement is also waived for students sub-matriculating from a Penn undergraduate program. All other students must submit a GRE score to be considered for admission.
Can I complete the MES program while working?
Yes.  The MES program is offered on a part time or full time basis and day and evening classes are available. Students taking 3 or more classes during a semester are considered full time. Part time students may take 1 or 2 courses per term. Students may change their status from one semester to the next as needed.  Students working full time are advised to take no more than 2 courses per term.  Please note that full time students are automatically enrolled in the University health insurance program unless they submit a waiver showing proof of outside coverage.
Are students applying straight out of undergraduate programs considered?
Yes. At present approximately half of our students are continuing their studies having just received a bachelor’s degree.
Does the MES program have students who have several years of work experience and are established in their careers?
Yes.At present approximately half of our students are working professionals looking to advance current careers, or facilitate a career change.
Can I transfer graduate credits earned at another university to my MES transcript?
Yes. Incoming MES students may petition to transfer up to two graduate level credits from classes completed prior to their admission at Penn. A transfer credit form is available on the MES Blackboard site. Students seeking transfer credit should fill out this form after they matriculate into the program along with an official transcript to the program director before the end of their first semester at Penn. Transfer credit is evaluated on a case by case basis by the faculty advisory committee.
Is financial aid available for the MES program?
The Earth and Environmental Science masters programs (MES and MSAG) offer no tuition assistance for students at this time. For information about student loans and other financial inquiries, please contact the Student Financial Services department at
Where do I send my MES application materials?
The MES applications should be completed online. However some supplemental documents such as your official transcripts may need to be mailed directly to the following address:

College of Liberal and Professional Studies
3440 Market St., Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Where is the main office for the MES program?

The program office is located in Hayden Hall (Map) on the University of Pennsylvania Campus. The buildings street address is as follows:

Department of Earth and Environmental Science
240 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6316

Are there any pre-requisite courses for the MES program?
A wide range of individuals are currently seeking to address environmental issues in their fields and the MES program is the perfect place to gain the necessary expertise. Because the MES degree is designed to accommodate students with diverse backgrounds who are planning disparate careers, we do not have pre-requisite courses. The admissions committee is primarily looking for excellence in the field from which you are applying combined with a clear idea of how you hope to apply the MES degree.

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