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Alumni Profile
B.S., 2008, Master of Environmental Studies 2010

After completing my undergraduate studies and obtaining a BS degree from Nanjing University, China in 2008, I came to the U.S. to pursue graduate studies. Looking back, I am so glad I made the right choice to pursue this program, as my two years’ MES study with Penn have been fantastic.

Alumni Profile
Master of Environmental Studies 2010

Greg Kelder was named Dean's Scholar in 2009 year for his impressive achievements as a student in the MES program. An insurance lawyer working in environmental litigation for the last two decades, he concentrated in environmental policy.

Veronica Lee
Alumni Profile
B.A., 2005, Master of Environmental Studies / International Multi-Master of Environmental Management, 2010

 I began the MES program, concentrating in natural resource management, because I knew I could learn more about the sustainable development of these areas. After one year of studying within MES I was able to take part in the multi-master's program that brought me to France and then China to study at Mines ParisTech and Tsinghua University respectively.

Beth Gingold: B.A. 2007, Master of Environmental Studies 2007
Alumni Profile
B.A. 2007, Master of Environmental Studies 2007

So far my degree has taken me to India. I am working with an NGO in Bangalore called Janaagraha, which works to improve urban governance through advocacy and increasing citizen participation. I am teaching a course in qualitative social science research methods at a local college as part of the youth outreach program.

Niva Kramek: Master of Environmental Studies
Alumni Profile
B.A. 2006, Master of Environmental Studies 2008

The inspiration for Kramek’s capstone project on environmental management for malaria prevention was her selection to a team of graduate students and faculty awarded a Provost’s grant for an international and interdisciplinary project addressing a real-world problem

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