Multi-Master's Degree in International Environmental Management

Advanced students in the MES program can apply for admission to a multi-master’s degree program in International Environmental Management. Upon completion of their studies, students will receive a Mastère Spécialisè degree in Environmental Management from the Ecole des Mines de Paris in France and a Master of Engineering degree from Tsinghua University in China, in addition to the Master of Environmental Studies degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

The central purpose of the program is to bring together highly qualified individuals from France, China, and the United States with a variety of master’s degrees in a unique and rigorous program that will prepare them to manage complex international environmental challenges.

The program consists of:

  • Eight credit units in the MES program at Penn
  • Four months of intensive seminars at Ecole des Mines de Paris in Fontainbleau, France
  • Three months of study at the Franco-Chinese Center of Environment and Energy at Tsinghua University in Beijing China
  • A six-month internship with a corporation with which the student has previously arranged an internship to work on an environmental management program. The report that results from this internship will serve as the Capstone for the MES program.

For more information on this program, contact Dr. Yvette Bordeaux

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