Capstone Forum Videos

The 2010 MLA Capstone Forum showcased the capstone projects of five MLA graduates. The Capstone Forum video is split into six chapters:

Alternatively, you can watch the MLA Capstone Forum videos using the embedded player below:


Master of Liberal Arts 2009 Capstone Forum Videos

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MLA 2009 Capstone Forum Introduction with Christopher Pastore

MLA Academic Advisor

MLA 2009 Capstone Forum - Richard Blumenthal

"A Brief on Justice: The Law and the Novel in Germany and England"

MLA 2009 Capstone Forum - Frank DiMoro

"Strawberries in February: An Examination of Altruism and Environmental Sustainability" and "Son of a Barber Man: Personal Reflections of My Life"

MLA 2009 Capstone Forum - Kathryn Feldman

"Something about Barbaro: The Making of a Hero"

MLA 2009 Capstone Forum - Dyresha Harris

"Getting to A House United Exploring Intergenerational Relations And Prejudice Against Youth (Adultism) In Black Communities"

MLA 2009 Capstone Forum - Julie Reynolds

"The Laocoön: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Analyze Reception"


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