Ancient Studies Certificate

 The term “ancient” has different connotations in every discipline and implies different chronological parameters across cultures. For the historian of Europe “ancient” may describe all culture of that continent up to the collapse of the Roman empire and the spread of Christianity; for the scholar of Aztec civilization, the term may refer to an entire history up to the period of European contact. Still other disciplines may place “antiquity” in chronological periods which in Western history might be considered “modern.” In spite of such chronological variations, however, the fundamental connotations of the word “ancient” are remarkably stable, and the common principles underlying our conception of and discourse about “antiquity” will be central to the curriculum of an MLA student who wishes to pursue a Certificate in Ancient Studies.

The University of Pennsylvania has long been acclaimed for its extraordinary resources in the study and teaching of the ancient world. The School of Arts and Sciences at Penn is home to a remarkable array of distinguished scholars who specialize in various aspects of the ancient Old and New worlds –their languages, history, archaeology, anthropology, art history, philosophy, economy, politics, and sciences. The Ancient Studies Certificate is an MLA concentration that allows students of antiquity to develop interdisciplinary programs of study in courses taught by scholars of antiquity in multiple disciplines. These students will benefit immeasurably from systematic contact with students and faculty pursuing an interest in antiquity in different disciplines.

The Ancient Studies certificate is designed as part of the MLA curriculum to meet the academic interests of:
  • students seeking greater familiarity with the civilizations and cultures of the Ancient World
  • educators who wish to add Ancient Studies subject matter to their classroom teaching
  • students interested in the relationship between ancient and modern cultures

Program Requirements

  • One MLA Proseminar
  • Five courses with significant Ancient Studies content
  • A Capstone Project on an Ancient Studies topic
  • Two MLA seminar electives

Application Procedure

Students wishing to pursue a certificate in African Studies Certificate through the Master of Liberal Arts Program should complete an MLA Application.

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