Public Culture Certificate

The Public Culture Program is designed to meet the academic interests of:

  • Mid-career and senior non-profit administrators who seek an intellectually challenging course of study that enables them to reflect on their areas of expertise and to engage the aesthetic, philosophical, social, political and organizational aspects of their work
  • Students who seek practical training in institutional management and leadership in addition to courses focusing on cultural theory and philosophy
  • Students who do not currently work for a non-profit organization but who are interested in exploring public institutions and human actions with reference to issues of cultural agency, display, globalization, privacy and self-determination, among others


  • One MLA Proseminar in Public Culture
  • Three courses related to Public Culture issues
  • One independent study course, which can be linked to an internship
  • Three elective courses from the MLA curriculum
  • A Capstone Project completed in a topic related to Public Culture (MLA 699)

Application Procedure

Students wishing to pursue a certificate in Public Culture through the Master of Liberal Arts Program should complete an MLA Application.

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