Current MLA Students Testimonials

Students in MLA program have wide-ranging interests and diverse academic, professional, and personal backgrounds. How does studying in the MLA program contribute to pursuing various intellectual, personal, and professional interests and goals? Read what current MLA students say to learn more about their experiences.

Jacqueline D'Ercole“The MLA Program has allowed me to pursue a customized curriculum that engages my intellectual interests. The scheduling is flexible and the faculty is fantastic. I've valued the commitment of my teachers to ensuring that I receive the best education possible, and their passion for the subject matter. The MLA Program has exposed me to unique perspectives and approaches that I may not have otherwise considered. It has truly enabled me to pursue my interests to their fullest extent and has helped me to grow both intellectually and professionally.”

Jacqueline D'Ercole
Target Concentration: Literature in its Historical Context
Writer, Employee Educational Services

“Although I have not yet completed my MLA, I feel I have benefitted enormously from my experiences within the academic envrionment at Penn. I have enhanced my critical thinking skills and have, as a result, been able to pass this on to my students. I have learned a great deal of information that has been course-specific, but have been able to tailor what I have learned to meet the needs of my own students. So far, it has been a great experience.”

Hilda Skrzysowski
Target Concentration: Children's Literature/Folklore
Teacher/Academic Educational Services

Yinka Neil“At first I was skeptical of a program that allowed students to create their own curriculum and path of study but after my first semester and seeing the classes offered, I realized what an advantage it is. I really like that we can create multidisciplinary approach and pursue things tailored to our particular interests and strengths. I have no regrets having participated in this program and only wish I had enrolled sooner. The faculty and classes offered have been extremely informative and satisfying. I can wholeheartedly say that I am coming away from this program a better career woman and student.”

Yinka Neil
Target Concentration: International Communications & Global Studiese
Communications Coordinator, Employee Healthcare and Social Assistance

Paul Ferrante“I truly enjoyed my time in the MLA program not only for the key takeaways, but also for challenging my views. There is no doubt that the MLA program helped me to become a more well-rounded and intellectually mature individual.”

Paul Ferrante
Target Concentration: Politics and Public Policy
Finance and Insurance


“Penn's MLA program provides the most flexibility I’ve ever encountered in an ivy league graduate program. The flexible schedule allows me to continue with my full-time career while furthering my education, and the self-directed academic program allows me to tailor my studies to my unique personal goals and interests. As a business woman, going from the boardroom to the classroom is one of the highlights of my week! I call it my ‘intellectual massage.’ My class work has improved my job performance by enhancing my research skills and resources, and when I complete my MLA degree I will be in a better position for promotion. I’ve met a lot of interesting classmates at Penn, and have enjoyed the remarkable diversity of peers coming from a wide range of backgrounds. And of course, the value of Penn’s world-class faculty and extensive resources goes without saying.”

Rachel Glover
Target Concentration: Writing & Composition
Media (publishing/broadcasting)

Christopher Bogs“The MLA program at Penn has offered me experiences I never thought I'd have: graduate study at a top university with amazing faculty along with accomplished, mature, and incredibly intelligent classmates. I've learned new ways of examining and thinking about current events, situations and facts, and this has improved both my intellectual life and my work. The MLA program really has been the opportunity of a lifetime!”


Christopher Bogs
Target Concentration: Religion, Gender and Sexuality
Administrative Coordinator, Employee Educational Services

Cheng Chang“I could never have better opportunities to explore what I can do for a career from a master program like this one. Those teachers were fantastic! They are experts, and even more preciously, they know how to let those who have no backgrounds to follow them in classes.”

Cheng Chang
Target Concentration: Environmental Politics
Non-profit Sector


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