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Timothy D. Bechtel

Lecturer, Master of Science in Applied Geosciences Program

Tim Bechtel, PhD, PG grew up on the Rockdale Run Formation, with a sinkhole in the backyard of his boyhood home. He has a Bachelor of Science from Haverford College (where he majored in geology at Bryn Mawr College), and an Master of Science in Rock Mechanics and a PhD in Geophysics (focusing on gravity) from Brown University. The Fortran code Tim developed for calculating lithospheric loading and strength from the coherence of gravity and topography data was later developed by Dr. Anthony Lowry of Utah State University into the MECAIR (Maximum Entropy Coherence Analysis of Isostatic Response) package used by several dozen researchers throughout the world, and figuring prominently in the dissertations of at least 10 young scientists.

Following several years working as a geophysicist for firms in Boston, Mass., and Harrisburg, Pa., Tim was a founding principal (in 1992) of Enviroscan Inc.—performing geophysical investigations and geophysical logging all over the world for environmental, hydrogeological, geotechnical, archaeological and law enforcement investigations. Tim is a guest editor for geophysical submissions to Hydrogeology Journal, and coauthor of the international textbook Methods in Karst Hydrogeology. He is a member of international scientific collaborations that are funded by NATO and the US-Russia-Japan-EU International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) to study novel technologies for humanitarian de-mining, remote detection of disaster victims buried beneath rubble, avalanches, etc., and nondestructive subsurface testing for historic and cultural preservation.

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