Faculty Awards for 2013

Congratulations to our Faculty Award Winners for 2013.

Peter Decherney

LPS Distinguished Teaching Award for Standing Faculty

Peter Decherney

Peter Decherney is Associate Professor of Cinema Studies and English and the Director of the Cinema Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has a secondary appointment in Communication. He is the author of two books: Hollywood’s Copyright Wars: from Edison to the Internet and Hollywood and the Culture Elite: How the Movies Became American, as well as the co-editor of the journal Critical Studies of Media Communication. He regularly testifies before the Copyright Office of the United States, and in 2011 he filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court Case of Golan v. Holder. Prof. Decherney has been an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scholar and a fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies.

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Meta Mezaj

LPS Distinguished Teaching Award for Affiliated Faculty

Meta Mezaj

Meta Mazaj is a Senior Lecturer in Cinema Studies at Penn. She has published on critical theory, Balkan cinema, new European cinema, film and nationalism. She is the author of National and Cynicism in Post 1990s Balkan Cinema (VDM Verlag, 2008), which examines the relationship between film and nationalism in contemporary Balkan cinema, and co-author, with Timothy Corrigan and Patricia White, of Critical Visions in Film Theory: Classic and Contemporary Readings (Bedford/ St. Martin’s, 2011). She is currently working on a book about contemporary world cinema. Her teaching and research interests include film theory and history, film and nationalism, film and philosophy, and world cinema. Her recent courses include: Film History, Film Methods and Analysis, Film Theory, Contemporary Transnational Cinema, Cinema of the Balkans, Cinema and Popular Memory, Masters of European Cinema, American Independent Cinema, Film Festivals.

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Fred Scatena

LPS Award of Distinction

Dr. Fred Scatena, PhD (1954-2013)

Dr. Fred N. Scatena, III, professor and chair in the department of earth and environmental science in the School of Arts & Sciences, passed away from cancer on January 2nd at age 58.

Dr. Scatena has been on the faculty in the department of earth and environmental science since 2002. He became chair of the department in 2003. Prior to that, he worked at the USDA Forest Service's International Institute of Tropical Forestry, in Puerto Rico, from 1987-2002. He had also worked as a consultant hydrologist and geomorphologist and served in the US Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic from 1977-1979, Malawi in 1982 and Jamaica in 1983, working in water resource management and development.

Recently, Dr. Scatena became involved in research on urban forestry with the new US Forest Service Philadelphia Urban Field Station. He was also a member of Penn's Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee, a cross-campus collaboration that includes a representative group of faculty, staff and students who advise President Amy Gutmann on environmental sustainability issues.

Dr. Scatena was the recipient of the School of Arts & Sciences' Dean's Award for Mentorship of Undergraduate Research in 2007.

Born in Kentfield, California, Dr. Scatena earned his BA from San Francisco State University in 1977, his MA from Wesleyan University in 1982 and his PhD from Johns Hopkins University in 1987.

Dr. Scatena is survived by his wife, Madelain Romero-Fresneda; daughter, Laura; son, Sebastian; and grandson, Jahn Sebastian.

A memorial service is planned for the spring.

Donations may be made to: Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, 155 Tetuan St., San Juan, PR 00902-3554, or Santa Ana Environmental Education Center (Centro Ambiental Santa Ana, CASA) PO Box 36036, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-1036.

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