IGSP Curriculum

IGSP: A Unique Program Based on Your Needs and Interests

As an IGSP student, you will enroll in a full-time program of study each semester of your studies. You can participate in IGSP during the Fall, Spring, and/or Summer terms. Full-time students take a minimum of four university credit courses in Fall and Spring.  Summer term full time options include taking four courses during the 12-week Summer term or two courses during each 6-week Summer term. 

Students work closely with Academic Advisors each semester to design and refine programs of study, and select specific courses to meet academic goals.

Academic Choices: LPS vs. CAS Courses

While the College of Liberal and Professional Studies at Penn (LPS) will serve as the "home division," IGSP students also have access to a broad range of courses from the undergraduate through the introductory graduate level (599 and below) in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

Between LPS and CAS, courses are offered in more than 50 academic departments and interdisciplinary programs, by 26 academic departments and 25 interdisciplinary programs in the humanities (languages, literature, history, philosophy), social sciences (political science, international relations, economics), natural sciences (biology, psychology, chemistry, physics), and mathematics. Courses are offered during the day and evening, so you can create the schedule that works best for you.



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